Program Progression and Completion among Postgraduate Students at Bishop Stuart University




Course Progression, Postgraduate Education, Academic Completion, Graduation Delay, Student Dropout


This paper was generated from findings of a survey that was done involving postgraduate students and lecturers of Bishop Stuart University to find out the status of course progression and completion among Masters and PhD students. The study sought to establish the factors impacting program progression and completion among postgraduate students at Bishop Stuart University. The data for the study was collected through online questionnaires and interviews with Masters and PhD postgraduate students that were registered between the years 2015 and 2018.

The findings indicated that the majority of students spend more than twice the amount of the minimum time allowed for the programs registered for. It was established that after the completion of the first academic year of class work, there is little follow-up on the students. As a result, most students graduate well behind schedule while others drop out. Financial constraints were mentioned by students as the main challenge causing delay in program progression and completion.

Other key challenges mentioned were the Covid-19 induced lockdown, disagreement between supervisors, personal health challenges and inaccessible or unresponsive supervisors that take a very long time to provide feedback when they are given work for review. Some students also mentioned that they were unable to access most online journals that required a subscription.

Author Biography

Richard Twebaze, Bishop Stuart University

Lecturer, Bishop Stuart University


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