Implementation Challenges of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs among Commercial Banks in Uganda

A Case of Absa Bank Mbarara




Corporate Social Responsibility, Commercial Banks


The purpose of this survey was to establish the implementation challenges of corporate social Responsibility (CSR) programs among commercial banks in Western Uganda using the case of Absa Bank Mbarara. In this study, descriptive research design was adopted where qualitative and quantitative approaches of data collection were used. Both questionnaire survey and interview methods were used to collect data from staff of Absa Bank. To ensure validity and reliability, research instruments were pretested and appropriate strategies taken. The content Validity index was used for validity while Cronbach Alfa was used for reliability. Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, the findings portray negative perception by the public, competition and financial challenges as major hindrances of CSR programs among commercial banks in Western Uganda since they are profit making financial institutions. The study concludes that commercial banks use community related programs as their CSR programs. The study encourages commercial banks to partner with other organizations such as civil society organizations and the government in funding CSR activities since they are essential for the improvement of wellbeing of the people. 


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